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Man sentenced 12 months for stealing goats

Man sentenced 12 months for stealing goats


THE Choma magistrate court has sentenced a man to 12 monthsimprisonment with hard labour for stealing two goats.

Jeremiah Choonga aged 28 of Siyoowi village was charged with stock theft contrary to section 272 and 275 (1) of the penal code of the Laws of Zambia. Particulars of the offence are that between January 7 and January 8, 2022 at Choma, Choonga stole two goats valued at K950 belonging to Mr Langson Mweetwa.

Choonga admitted the charge when called to take plea before Resident Magistrate Idah Mupemo.

When asked why he committed the offence, Choonga said he wanted to sell the animals at a neighbouring village.

Brief facts before court are that on January 7, 2022, Mr Mweetwa of Siamachilevillage who is the complainant secured his goats before resting and discovered that two goats were missing the following morning.

He then conducted a search and received a phone call from a Mr Jerry Muzyambafrom a  neighbouring village telling him  that a person approached him and was selling two  goats.

The accused was then reported to police and  after hearing the matching description of the goats, he admitted  stealing the animals.

In his mitigation, Choonga said he has a child living with a disability and was looking after seven dependents.

“People of God forgive me because it is the devil that drives me to steal the animals and I do not want to deny anything in this matter as my conscience will kill me.” said Choonga.

Principal Resident Magistrate Idah Mupemo noted that the accused was young and could reform given a chance.

She also said the accused deserved lenience as he was a first time offender who readily admitted to the charge but that there was need to deter would-be offenders by punishing him.

Ms Mupemo. also explained that the offence was rampant in the district and sentenced him to 12 months imprisonment with hard labour effective January 10, 2022 when he was arrested.


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