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Dear Editor,

IT’S very sad and disturbing that the fight against corruption is now being turned into a circus. The summoning of Mr Munir Zulu by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is an embarrassment to the institution.

I remember the first time the ACC summoned our brother ,myself and Jay Jaywalked to the Speaker to challenge the ACC that they were out of order to summon a Member of Parliament over remarks he or she makes on the floor of the house because parliamentarians are protected by CAP 12 of the laws of Zambia regarding what is said on the floor of the house.

I remember that the Speaker of the National Assembly, Ms Nelly Mutti advised the ACC to stay away from Mr Zulu regarding his utterances in parliament as the law protected him and we thought they listened only to hear that they proceeded with the same unconstitutional move.

Look, the actions by the ACC is embarrassing but more so it risks losing its relevance in the genuine fight against corruption by such unconstitutional moves. We support the fight against corruption and we want ACC to continue with its mandate of fighting corruption but they must desist from being personal and from settling scores with their perceived enemies or anyone who seems to disagree with them.

And that letter it has issue over the fiasco is in bad taste and whoever wrote that letter is an enemy of progress. 

Secondly, the fight against corruption must not be seen to be witch-hunting and that can be seen by ACC following up all reported cases of suspected corrupt practices like the issues surrounding fertiliser procurements which are not only shocking but appalling. 

The balanced fight against corruption will earn the ACC the support of every Zambian.

Please ACC, this fiasco should never be made again. leave the parliamentarians and follow the real corruption cases and we as the African Parliamentary Network Against Corruption  will support you full time.


APNAC Treasurer.

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