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Parents urged to send children to school or else…


I will submit a motion in Parliament which will allow government to arrest and prosecute parents who are failing to take advantage of the free education policy of the New Dawn Government to take their children to school,  Nkana Member of Parliament Binwell Mpundu has said.

And Mr Mpundu has said there will be no excuse for him and the people of Nkana constituency to fail  to deliver development with the K25.7 million Constituency Development Fund (CDF) .

Mr Mpundu said parents who were not taking their children to school despite the free education policy put up by the new dawn administration must be arrested and prosecuted because they were not only going against the government’s policy, but also depriving their children of the right to education.

During the tour of the constituency in Twibukishe township, Mr Mpundu said parents must take advantage of the free education policy by the New Dawn government by ensuring that all their children go to school.

Mr Mpundu said, previously, the CDF was a meagre K1.6 million which made it difficult for the MPs and the people to deliver development, but with the K25.7 million, there will be no excuse for MPs and the residents to deliver development.

“The Ward Development Committees should work closely with the councillors regarding which projects would be of vital importance and can improve people’s lives,” he said

Mr Mpundu said, as MP, he will be visiting the constituency every after three months to review the plans of each meeting to ensure things were progressing well in the constituency .

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