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Probe medicine pricing, govt urged


ALLEGATIONS of a cartel of pharmacies exploiting patients with overpriced medicines should be probed, Pastor Peter Chanda has said.

And Pastor Chanda has challenged all those with evidence to come forward so that government authorities could quickly identify those responsible and bring them to book.

Pastor Chanda was reacting to reports of exorbitant pricing of medicines by some pharmacies beyond the reach of ordinary Zambians.

Former Pharmaceutical Society of Zambia (PSZ) president, Jerome Kanyika, had sounded the warning against over pricing of medicines by some pharmacies.

Mr Kanyika  had told  the Daily Nation that there is a cartel of pharmacies that have gone on rampage and are determining the prices of drugs in the country disadvantaging poor people.

He said the cartel has taken advantage of the shortage of drugs in hospitals and are exploiting Zambians by coming up with exorbitant prices.

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