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IDLE YOUTHS ARE DANGEROUS – UPND Alliance must nip this in the bud, says Shimunza


IDLE youths, are a ticking time bomb of violence, while sending Presidents to State House, Dr Daniel Mvula Shimunza,  Movement for National Transformation (MTN) founding President, has said.

The outspoken politician cum man of God, has warned that youths left on the streets are potential cadres and essentially a cadre and violent person.   

He explains that frustrated youth, find solace in violent cadreism behavior, misdirecting their energy. 

He said this is a cycle  promoted by those who benefit from political violence. “The recycled politicians, who are a testimony of broken promises to our youths in all governments,” he said.

Dr Shimunza has warned that violence, can be the voice of the unheard, and the frustrated. 

“Youth unemployment and broken promises of governments, have created a vacuum for violence,” he said.  He cautioned that, “Like a deceptive arrow, recycled Politicians  have mastered the art of breaking promises to the Zambian youth, leaving many on the streets since  1991.”

Cadarisation of the  youth, he said, is a curse on  the  lack of actualized Industrialization potential,  and effective job creation.

He wondered for how long this would remain so.

He has bemoaned that youths have become violent cadres, instead of being productive Citizens and Captains of  Industry.

“This must stop right now, if violence will end, “ he said.

He said violence, has become a “social-disease” in Zambian politics and identifies some of the causalities of it as: weak leadership and lack of vision. 

SDGs are bare minimum benchmarks, not a vision of a Country, but a mere guide line. To pursue them linearly, is the folly of any nation,” he said.

The under-development of the human resource, panders to violent behavior, in youths and homes.

Members of political parties must be cultured and trained in the values of the party, to have effective participation in the national governance. 

Party structures,  he said,  must be knowledgeable, not just gathered by giving handouts and money. Violent cadres, have evolved therefrom.

“The Patriotic Front (PF), learnt the bad art of violent-cadreism and perfected it in the markets, 

and bus stops killing the local government system completely,” he said.

“Now the UPND-alliance, has a challenge of cadres resurfacing defying the presidential pronouncements, sadly.  Spurts of violence by UPND-cadres, makes sad reading in the recent past.  

He has warned that this too must be stopped immediately, or, “they will go on the same path with (PF). Thuggery behavior, violence, taking the law in their own hands, and mob- justice, makes for sad reading.”

He said the  UPND- Alliance, must show the difference from the (PF) misrule. 

The degeneration of “violence on the streets of late, is not what the Zambian people want. All structures, must attend upon this violence that is becoming a social concern of many. It is a mis-representation of the Presidents call for social- order, and reconstruction.”


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