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Kambwili apologises to Lungu

NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili has reportedly unreservedly apologised to President Edgar Lungu for a statement he made last year which he claims was misconstrued to mean that he referred to the Head of State as a drug dealer.
Briefing the press in Lusaka yesterday after attending an ECZ presidential summit earlier where President Lungu was in attendance, Mr Kambwili, the former chief government spokesperson, is alleged to have now realised that his “careless” statement made last year about the presidential challenger plane which he said was being used to ferry drugs will land him trouble and has remained with no choice but to apologise to President Lungu.
“There’s been word going around that I have called President Edgar Lungu a drug dealer. I have not called President Lungu a drug dealer at any time, or accused him of dealing in drugs. I have no evidence on that.
“If my briefing last year about drugs was misconstrued that I accused President Lungu of dealing in drugs or being a drug dealer, I unre-servedly apologise to the President.
“If you read my statement that I read, there’s nowhere where I said President Lungu is a drug dealer or deals on drugs.
“If my statement has been misconstrued to mean that I said President Lungu is a drug dealer or deals in drugs, I unreservedly apologise to the President,” the visibly beaten Mr Kambwili said. – BATOKA BULLS.


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