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Dear Editor,

THE Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has cancelled the Kabwata by-election scheduled for January 20, 2022. This is because the United Progressive Party’s candidate, Francis Libanda withdrew from the race and the ECZ had to respect the constitution on the elections – Article 56 (2).

We have so far received commentaries and analysis on the constitution and the Electoral Process Act itself and the need for further reforms.
There is no need to repeat here, except to say something on the label the candidate was wearing – Progressive.
Is this how “progressive politicians” behave or it was a matter of the UPP casting lots and ended up with the name progressive.

Most of the progressive politicians are like the biblical prophets. They are far much ahead of their societies because very are clear visionaries. The behaviour of withdrawing from the race with full knowledge of the consequences on the electoral process is not what one expects from a “progressive” politician.

That behaviour comes from an anarchist. This is the problem of having politicians who are not ideologically formed and informed, but are simply “sangwapo” politicians.

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