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Security wings not independent – SP


It’s very difficult to accept the claim that our law enforcement agencies, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and Zambia Police – have been acting independently and fairly, Socialist Party leader Fred M’membe has said.

Dr M’membe said from their own pronouncements and actions and those of the key political leadership of this country, past and present, it is very clear that in many important cases they only swung into action when the key political authorities wanted them to do so.

I say this, he said, because if they were truly capable of taking independent decisions and actions most of the cases they are pursuing today would have been dealt when those involved were in power. 

Dr M’membe said “There are many corruption cases they were aware of during the reign of the previous regimes but could not pursue until there was regime change. 

“We have corruption cases even under the current regime which they are aware of but cannot pursue. For example, they are aware of the corruption case involving Maurice Jangulo’s company being single sourced to supply 37,000 tonnes  of fertilizers  to the government at $1,407 per tonne when the going market price is $1,000 per tonne.

Meanwhile the Socialist party leader said the violence being perpetrated by UPND cadres is frightening and very worrying. 

He said  what happened to Kasama DAO, Mrs Beauty Namukoko, should not never happen to anyone else.

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