Apply law fairly – AFRINET


THE sanctity of the law should not only be observed in cases involving politicians but also ordinary citizens, Inter-Africa Governance Network (AFRINET), says Executive Director, Maurice Malambo.

Mr Malambo said the justice process must reform in relation to all the people regardless of their standing in society.

He stated in an interview that when a politician is given bond within 24 hours, the same must apply to an ordinary citizen who in most cases cannot afford legal representation.

Mr. Malambo said a clarion call for professionalism among law enforcement agencies should not strictly be in connection to political cases but all the cases involving politicians and non-politicians.

“When politicians are being given bond within 24 hours as provided for under the law, the same treatment should be given to the ordinary people more so because these have no legal representation,” he said.

He said it would be wrong for stakeholders to advocate for professionalism in the prosecution process only in relation to political cases because by so doing the  country would be fostering a society that has a course of justice for the politicians and that of ordinary people .

Mr. Malambo said the nation should be able to speak for the ordinary people and not necessarily for the politicians.

He said the law enforcement agencies should not seem to be professional only when dealing with cases involving politicians but every citizen.

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