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Chibombo illegal gold mine closed

The illegal gold mine, where three people died in Chief Chamuka’s area, in Chisamba has been closed.

Speaking when he visited the mine, Minister of Mines, Paul Kabuswe said Government will not allow any more deaths as a result of illegalities that have overwhelmed the mining sector.

He said Government will look for investors, who can partner with the local people and ensure that miners’ lives are protected.

Mr Kabuswe has also emphasised that his directive to shut down illegal mines is not only for Central Province where illegal mines are rampant but the entire country.

And Central Province Minister Credo Nanjua, who accompanied Mr. Kabuswe, said the rate at which his administration is receiving reports of deaths resulting from illegal mining activities is alarming. Mr Nanjuwa is, however, happy the government has put its foot down.

He said it is unfortunate that apart from losing lives, the local people benefit little to nothing after risking their lives in search of minerals that end up in the hands of few selfish individuals.

Meanwhile, speaking when Mr. Kabuswe called on him, Chief Chamuka said the government should ensure that local people are empowered with skills, so that they fully participate and benefit from the minerals that the country is endowed with.

Chief Chamuka also suggested that Government considers starting the process of issuance of mineral exploration licenses from the traditional leadership. – ZNBC

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