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Ex-convict strangles wife to death

POLICE in Kitwe have arrested a 23-year-old ex-convict for allegedly strangling his wife, also aged 23 to death for complaining about his failure to provide money for food.

Copperbelt acting Deputy Police Commanding Officer Tresphord Kasale confirmed the incident which happened on Thursday around 21:00 hours in Kandabwe township and identified the suspect as Michael Nsofwa

Mr Kasale said Mr Musonda Mwansa, aged 36, a Security Guard of Panorama Security Services reported that Ms Beatrice Chalwe was killed by her husband Michael Nsofwa, an ex-convict after he strangled her to death during a fight.

Mr Kasale said the fight started when Ms Chalwe complained to her husband over his failure to leave money for food after he returned home in the evening.

“Yes, I can confirm that Police in Kitwe have arrested and charged a 23-year-old ex-convict with murder, he allegedly killed his wife aged 23 by strangling her to death after a fight over money for food. The suspect has been identified as Michael Nsofwa, an ex-convict

“Mr Mwansa had earlier heard noise coming from neighbours who were shouting that a couple was fighting and when he rushed to the house, he found Chalwe lying on the floor and struggling to breathe while her husband stood over her watching,’’ Mr Kasale said

Mr Kasale said Mr Mwansa organised neighbours, who rushed her to the hospital, but she died upon arrival.

Mr Kasale said police visited the scene of crime and apprehended the suspect who was later charged and arrested for murder.

He said Ms Chalwe’s body was found with scratches on the neck which showed that she could have been strangled to death.

He said the couple got married in 2019 and had a one year-old son.

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