FEIRA MP calls for industrialisation 

By Vita Banda

FEIRA Member of Parliament Emmanuel Tembo says the area is one of the most underdeveloped Constitutiencies in the country hence the need for industrialization to take place.

Mr Tembo in an interview said Feira had a lot of potential to develop but lacked industries to create jobs for the local people.

He said clean drinking water was also a challenge and that is why he was embarking on a developmental project to provide clean water through drilling boreholes and modern water reticulation systems.

Mr Tembo said lack of access to electricity had also made it hard for the people to engage in certain economic activities.

He said he was doing community sensitization to explain to the people the importance of education and that he was also looking forward to working with the government to build more schools and staff houses closed to the people.

“The geographical location of Feira makes it hard for the area to receive adequate rainfall that is why I’m  encouraging the people of his Constituency to venture into irrigation agriculture,” Mr Tembo said.

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