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IT is incompetence on the part of the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) to supply farmers with maize empty grain bags, the Small-Scale Farmers for Development Agency (SAFADA) has said.

Shortage of empty grain bags in some FRA satellite depots has angered farmers as some have already been subjected to spending nights with hopes of being given empty bags to repackage their maize.

The FRA has also been accused of charging farmers who supply maize for the empty grain bags used in packing the produce, the allegations FRA has denied.

SAFADA Executive Director Boyd Moombwe said in an interview that the FRA is facing the challenge of empty grain bags because they failed to plan ahead which is unacceptable as they have always supplied farmers with empty bags.

Mr. Moombwe wondered why the FRA would want to render themselves incompetent by failing to provide farmers with the empty grain bags and cause the maize to go to waste since the rain season is fast approaching.

“It’s a pity that the FRA failed to plan properly and is not ready being given money to purchase maize from farmers, it is worrying because it may lead to wastage of maize,” he said.

He has urged the government to quickly intervene in the matter before the maize   goes to waste.

Mr. Moombwe has also urged the FRA to take planning seriously to avoid being entangled in the empty grain bags mess in the future.

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