Govt bringing sanity in all its institutions – Mulusa

Health workers have been warned against  frustrating  government efforts of providing better health services by being negligent with patients. 

Following an incident of a 17 year old girl who gave birth in the corridors of Solwezi general hospital yesterday, Solwezi Member of Parliament, Stafford  Mulusa has warned against  unprofessional conduct among health workers are a thing of the past.

 “We are not going to tolerate health workers that mistreat patients,” he said in reaction to the incident.

Mr Mulusa, who is also Chief Whip, said the new dawn government is bringing sanity to all government institutions, the health sector inclusive.

He said if there is still negligence in the health sector then it is coming from the previous administration which the new dawn will not condone.

The lawmaker however, expressed relief that it is not the hospital’s negligence that the patient gave birth in the corridors.

Meanwhile, the 17 years old Beatrice Sinandu said when she started off from home around 14:00 hours the labour pains were not intense, but only became severe when she got at the hospital around 15:00 hours.

Ms Sinandu was quick to state that there was no negligence on the part of the hospital staff as she didn’t realise the labour pains early being her first pregnancy.

And Solwezi general hospital senior administrator, Cosam Pandao said the whole incident happened so fast that they could not do much in the situation.

Mr Pandao said only two to three minutes passed from the time she arrived by taxi to the time she gave birth. –  ZANIS

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