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ALL my genuine supporters must stop using abusive language on former President Edgar Lungu and members of the PF Central Committee because that is against my principles, one of the party’s presidential hopefuls, Mr Chishimba Kambwili has warned.      

Mr Kambwili said those who claim to be his supporters, if they were genuine, should stop using strong and abusive language on leaders.

He observed that some of people claiming to be his supporters have been issuing statements in his name that are tantamount to disrespecting other leaders in the party.

Mr Kambwili warned that this should be the last time people will be insulting leaders and mentioning his name that they are his supporters.

He said his politics are not about division but rebuilding the party through unity of purpose, because this is the only way the party is going to bounce back to power.

“If they are my real supporters, they should stop using abusive language and insults against these leaders, particularly on the members of the central committee and our former President Edgar Lungu,” he said. 

Mr Kambwili also said he has been made aware of strong language from people who claim to support him in the like of Papa Gunase, a Mr Munta and Alan Phiri but advised them to stop  abusing leaders in the party because the party needs to unite.


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