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Lies blamed for Kabwata low voter turn out

The  low voter turnout recorded in Kabwata was as a result of people being tired of  lies told by the new dawn government, National Democratic Congress(NDC) faction leader Saboi Imboela has said.

Ms Imboela said  the UPND are losing popularity at a fast rate and if opposition political parties unit, they can win against the UPND.

Ms Imboela wonders why everyone wants to be on the ballot paper when all they are doing is just splitting votes.

She further explains that if opposition political parties do not unite, the UPND will continue to win with narrow margins.

Meanwhile NDC National chairlady Cecilia Ngosa has encouraged women to emulate UNIP Kabwata candidate Engiwe Mzyece and participate in active politics.

Ms Ngosa  said  that women are a strong weapon that if they participated in politics, the lives of the youth and children would change tremendously. 


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