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THE UPND has disowned suspected cadres that have gone on rampage and locked up shops in Kamulanga ward of Kabwata constituency threatening to evict traders on the pretext that they were  working with the opposition.

The cadres ran amok and shut down a number of shops in the market and want to chase individuals who are perceived to be from the opposition.

But UPND secretary general Batuke Imenda said that the police should move in to correct the situation  and ensure that such criminals were brought to book once and for all.

He said if the police were scared of the cadres then other law enforcement agencies needed to take charge and deal with the criminals who were masquerading as cadres.

Mr Imenda said that it was shocking that some criminals were hiding in the name of the party when the Head of State had indicated that he would not shield anyone from criminality.

He challenged the police Inspector General, Lemmy Kajoba,   to critically look into the matter and ensure that all the culprits are brought to book.

“Call the police so that they can give their position because this is beyond me and the Inspector General should take up the challenge and cage the hooligans who are causing confusion,” he said.

Mr Imenda said his office did not give out such orders so it was wrong for people to even query from him when there were a number of institutions that would deal with the matter prudently.

Meanwhile, Kamwala ward councillor Mainda Simataa said that he was not aware of the problem but that he would investigate.

Mr Simataa said he would not allow any form of victimization, especially in a democratic dispensation.

He called on the police and other stakeholders to move in and ensure that the people behind the victimization are brought to book.

“I can’t give a comprehensive comment because I do not know the full details but what I can tell you is that I will not tolerate criminality in my ward,” he said.

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