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Those opposing the High Court ruling over mining in Lower Zambezi National Park must be cited for contempt of court, Senior Chief Mphuka of Luangwa has said.

He said the matter was settled by the court, therefore, no one can overturn it.

In an interview, Senior Chief Mphuka said doing so will be a serious case and those involved must face the wrath of the law.

“When the court has made a decision on a matter no one has power to overturn it.

It is a very serious case to try and discredit the court by rejecting its decision.

“So my call to the court is that those discrediting its decision must be cited for contempt of court,” he said.

Senior Chief Mphuka said he was disappointed with those standing against the mine, especially  that the decision was made for the mine to go ahead.

Meanwhile, the traditional leader has commended the new dawn administration for its consideration to allow the mine to operate under strict measures and observation.

He said the petition against mining in lower Zambezi was in court for a long time and the Supreme Court dismissed the application.

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