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‘Voting without NRCs should not be entertained’


THERE is need to have a uniform standard when voting to avoid confusion, the Christian Churches Monitoring Group (CCMG) has charged after some people were allowed to vote without using their National Registration in the just ended Kabwata by-elections.

CCMG Programme Manager Peter Mwanangombe said that there was need to come up with a uniform method that would ensure that such situations as the one that was experienced during the Kabwata by-election where some individuals were allowed to vote without NRCs.

Mr Mwanangombe said that the issue was not right because the people were allowed to vote at the discretion of the presiding officers.

He said it was therefore important for stakeholders to come up with a uniform method since they had introduced biometrics that could capture an individual’s credentials.

“For us we have reservations on the fact that some voters were allowed to vote by the presiding officers despite missing some key components,” he said.

Mr Mwanangombe said this issue needed to be dealt with very fast because it had the capacity to cause chaos if left unchecked.

And Economic Front president Wynter Kabimba said that it was unfortunate that the polls were marred with problems.

“We hope that we are not going to have a repeat of this because it is wrong for police to victimise people,” he said.  

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