Zambia still food sure – Nalumango

VICE PRESIDENT Mutale Nalumango has assured the nation of food security for now despite floods that have ravaged some areas.

Ms. Nalumango said the maize stored in different Food Reserve Agency (FRA) sheds in the country give hope that the nation is still food secure.

She was speaking when she toured the largest FRA storage shed in Southern Province located in Kalomo.

She said she was happy with the way the FRA is keeping the grain, and advised the agency to continue protecting the commodity from moisture to avoid losses.

Ms. Nalumango said it would be prudent to keep the maize grain well, especially that the country is experiencing floods.

And Southern Province Minister, Cornelius Mweetwa, told the Vice President that the defence forces which were engaged to transport the maize to FRA sheds, affirmatively concluded the “Operation Butala” at a minimum cost.

Mr. Mweetwa said the province was one of the regions that had surplus maize which was not budgeted for.

He said upon taking over the leadership of the country, the new dawn administration decided to buy all the maize from farmers because it was almost going to waste.

Meanwhile, FRA Southern Region Marketing Officer, Precious Kalamba, disclosed that the Kalomo sheds are holding over 400, 000 bags of maize weighing 50 kilograms each.

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