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…But we’ll be back in Parliament soon with full force


THE executive is scared of us and want only UPND Members of Parliament to be in the House but they should be ready because we will soon be back with full force, suspended PF Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo has said.

Mr Lusambo, who described the    30 days expulsion from Parliament as illegal, also said the period  was not a long  and  they would soon be back to put the UPND Government on its toe.

In an interview, Mr Lusambo who accused the Speaker of the National Assembly of being biased said the executive was sacred of PF MPs and wanted to have only UPND MPs in Parliament.

He however warned that they should watch the space as he and his fellow PF MPs would soon be back in Parliament with a bang.

Reacting to his and other four PF lawmakers’ expulsion for 30 days from Parliament yesterday by Deputy speaker of National Assembly, Attractor Chisangano, Mr Lusambo said they (PF MPs) were not shaken but more determined to fight and defend democracy in the country.

He claimed that the ruling UPND MPs were uncomfortable after the nine PF MPS including himself who were chased by the Speaker returned to Parliament following the Constitutional Court ruling.

“You know these guys are under pressure, they don’t want to be checked. So they know that the team that has come in are equal to the task. All UPND MPs put them together we can bulldoze them. Whether our friends (30 expelled MPs)  were out of Parliament, we are 100 percent geared to take them on (UPND MPs).  I can assure you that Parliament was going to be hot.

”But the 30 days is not one year, it is a short period to us, we will go back to the constituencies to engage the people who gave us this mandate to come to Parliament  and explain to them that these people do not want democracy. But we will be coming after 30 and we will continue to fight until we win. I can assure you that the people of Zambia will win, the people of Kabushi are going to win, “Mr Lusambo said.

Mr Lusambo also accused the Speaker of being biased towards the UPND MPs.

“We know that the Speaker is a full  time UPND cadre and we don’t know how business will be conducted in the House. But we have been told by our leader of opposition that we should be strong and fight to the bitter end,” he said.

He added, “So, the UPND want to land this country into one party state. They know that these guys (PF MPs) are not small boys. UPND has lied to the people of Zambia several times and the economy is not moving, their budget is not moving. The things they expected to find in Government is totally contrary to what they thought it would be. So, now they are stuck, they don’t know how to govern.”

He said it was disappointing that Ministers were failing to provide satisfactory answers to any question posed to them in Parliament.

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