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Black Mountain a time bomb Musenge


THE Black Mountain is a “time bomb” which if not handled with care, may explode because youths feel sidelined and the recording of a fatal accident in which an 18 year old youth died had actually made them more aggrieved,” Mwenya Musenge, a senior Kitwe citizen has warned.

Mr Musenge said Copperbelt was becoming volatile because youths were frustrated and agitated in the way the operations at the Black Mountain were being managed by a few   individuals who wanted to amass a lot of money within a short time.

In an interview in Kitwe, Mr Musenge said those who were managing the operations at the Black Mountain were in a hurry to make money for themselves as evidenced by the rate at which they were transporting the material from the site to their respective customers.

“When you look at the rate at which those operating at the Black Mountain are moving, you can tell that they want to clear or finish all the material at the site. There is too much greediness and selfishness among them. The conduct of those running the Black Mountain leaves much to be desired.

“So when you look at what is happening at the Black Mountain, Copperbelt in general and Kitwe in particular, is becoming volatile.  I can tell you that the Black Mountain is a time bomb which if not handled with care may explode because youths feel sidelined,” Mr Musenge said

Mr Musenge said the way the Black Mountain has been handled within the eight months UPND has been in government, it cannot be compared to the way the Patriotic Front (PF) handled it in the 10 years it was in government.

“Within eight months of the UPND in government, when you look at the material which has been transported from the Black Mountain to their customers, it cannot be compared to that which the PF transported in 10 years of its rule.

Mr Musenge said the K1 million which those managing the Black Mountain have declared to have made from the time they started operations was too little compared to the amount of material which they have hauled in the few months they have been working at the site.

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