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LGBTQ Siavonga workshop shocks church leaders


THE reported meeting of members of the LGBT community in Siavonga has shocked the church which has since challenged the new dawn government to state clearly its stance on homosexuality.

The LBGTQs have been having a weeklong data review meeting at a named lodge in Siavonga that has raised a lot of suspicion from the church.    

Bishops Council of Zambia (BCZ) general Secretary Abel Kaela said in an interview that Zambia is a Christion nation that should not tolerate foreign cultures that promote unbiblical behaviors with potential to dilute the country’s moral fiber.

“As a church, we are shocked that government can allow the holding of a meeting by the LGBT in Siavonga at a time when the citizens of this country has said no to any promotion of homosexuality,” said Bishop Kaela. 

He said government should immediately investigate the Siavonga scandal and tell  the nation the truth of what the workshop was all about.

“Following this reported meeting in Siavonga of members of the LGBT community, we challenge the government to end speculation by stating if it has entered into an agreement with sponsors of LGBT,” he said. 

Bishop Kaela said this is not the first time such a meeting was been held in the same resort town and therefore this time around the church is demanding to know the truth.

He said government should not remain mute on the issue but come out and state if it has entered into an agreement with sponsors   considering that of late, the country has witnessed maneuvers by the west to openly promote LGBT rights in the country.

Bishop Kaela said just recently, embassies of the European countries in Lusaka flew rainbow flags in support of LGBT rights but that up to now there has never been any word of condemnation from government.

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