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We warned Phiri – Chongwe residents


FORMER Gender Minister Elizabeth Phiri was warned against going ahead to build a house on community land which was reserved for the construction of a clinic but she never listened, a Silverest resident, Bernard Chanda, has said.

The ACC has seized the property after it emerged that the property No. L/23202/M, which was designated for construction of a clinic, was allegedly corruptly acquired by Ms Phiri.

Mr Chanda thanked the ACC for doing a good job and reminded those with power not to abuse their authority while in government by grabbing land belonging to the community because the law will always take its course no matter how long it takes.

Mr Chanda, who is one of the residents near the community land that Ms Phiri is alleged to have grabbed when she was Minister and Kanyama constituency Member of Parliament, said despite protests by the community, Ms Phiri went ahead with her project.

He said that now that the property has been seized, the ACC should expedite the court process so that the land can be given back for community use. 

Mr Chanda said the community members in Silverest are happy with the seizure and looking forward to the construction of a clinic at the property which they  have longed for, for a long time.

He explained that when the provincial planning unit was demarcating, it also reserved a number of plots for social amenities including the land where Ms Phiri has built a two storey building.

Mr Chanda said as far as the community is concerned, there has never been an application for change of land use from a clinic to a residential plot for the land which the former minister now owns.

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