Police working for UPND


THE police now seem to be working for the UPND as a political party and not serving Zambians in the way they are conducting themselves which is very unprofessional, National Democratic Congress Secretary General Charles Kabwita has said.

Mr Kabwita said police do not seem to act on anything from the opposition no matter how serious the matter was but they are quick to act on anything from any UPND member.

He said the conduct by the police these days was undermining the purpose the police service was created for. 

Mr Kabwita said two weeks ago a Patriotic Front (PF) official Mr Raphael Nakacinda reported to the Inspector General of police Mr Lemmy Kajoba regarding threats being made on his life by some UPND cadres but nothing was done about it.

He said it was sad to see the police prevent complaints and whistleblowers from putting forward their complaints as it was the case with Mr Chilufya Tayali, who went to report someone and was later arrested.

“They never attended to Mr Tayali but opted to arrest him and transport him to Lukulu in Western Province,” he said.

Mr Kabwita said that six months ago, he reported the mayor of Kafue Buumba Malambo on tribal remarks that had the ability to divide the country but the police buried that issue in the sand and nothing was done about it.

He said with all these things happening around it was obvious that the police were siding with the UPND instead of the people.

Mr Kabwita said that Mr Kajoba should uphold the integrity of the police by making sure that Zambians were put first because for now he seems to be working for the UPND.

He said the police under Mr Kajoba were now receiving instructions from UPND cadres and they were taking action to that effect.

“We’ve seen cadres issue instructions to arrest some people on TV and then things happen and people get arrested by the police,”   he said.

Mr Kabwita said the country cannot continue on this trajectory because if what the police were doing was tolerated there will worse lawlessness under UPND than that experienced under the PF.

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