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East PF calls for expulsion of Lusambo


EASTERN Province Information and Publicity secretary William Phiri has demanded for the expulsion of Mr Bowman Lusambo   immediately as he has exhibited signs of betrayal and dishonesty to the party.

Mr Phiri said there was nothing wrong for Mr Lusambo asking for forgiveness from President Hakainde Hichilema, but not in the manner that he has done it.

Mr Phiri in an interview said they are dismayed by the manoeuvres that the former minster is exhibiting now.

He said Mr Lusambo was now in conflict with the party’s constitution despite him knowing that the party has an agenda to bounce back in 2026.

He added that the party is not at peace especially that Mr Lusambo is now showing signs of defecting to the UPND.

He has since called on the PF central committee to have Mr Lusambo expelled from the party because he does not mean well.

“We are very disappointed as a party in Eastern Province as such sentiments by Mr Lusambo are against the party constitution, therefore the central committee should immediately expel him before he destroys the party,” said Mr Phiri.

He however said Mr Lusambo should come out in the open about the things that he has done if its corruption or other cases unlike apologising to the President.

He alleged that Mr Lusambo including other officials contributed to the loss of the in the August 12, 2021 general elections.

He said Mr Lusambo should not be allowed to be in the party as it has since lost confidence in him and he can no longer be trusted.

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