SO our trending Zambian “billionaire” businessman, a Mr James Ndambo of Choma decides to help the police service by building a police station and buying brand new vehicles to help them carry out patrols and swiftly follow up cases as a way of paying back to the community, some politically-aligned NGOs chabababa and have condemned the move instead of appreciating his kind gesture.
The same NGOs will also condemn the police if they cite lack of transport as their failure to follow up reported cases.
How many rich people have donated to hospitals, prisons and other government institutions including NGOs?
Instead of emulating what Mr Ndambo has done and encouraging him to do more, we are now throwing stones at him.
What kind of wealthy people do we really want in Zambia?
Is it a crime to give back to the community?
Why condemn and discourage a good deed?
Imagine if we had a lot of James Ndambos?
Paine neko I would like to thank Mr Ndambo and ask other businessmen to take a leaf from his kind gesture.
Leave Mr Ndambo alone.


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