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A Zambia Police Traffic officer writes

A Zambia Police Traffic officer writes

Dear Editor,

IT’S rare that I do enforcement because I have a role of safety awareness which is quite involving as you need to research all the time and inform the public about road safety However, as a police officer of traffic department I can caution or charge an offender and even drag them to court.

Last week, I was on my way driving to the office in a police traffic car. Somebody near me was speaking on the phone, causing a traffic jam behind him at a pick hour.

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I opened my window and cautioned him, “hey you at least not direct in my face look at the mess you are creating behind you kindly put that phone down.”

He continued speaking on the phone, when he was done, he said to me, at least you can talk to me nicely do you guys ever listen? Haven’t you been told to stop that behaviour?

To be honest, I got very offended, I pulled him off the road – got my ZP form 126 and charged him.

While I was standing there, motorists where hooting and chanting “iwe lekefyo balikanya.”

But I said to myself no one is going to remind me that am a police officer. I will do my job. I later told him to sign the document which he did roughly and almost threw a pen at my face😢.

I have been a traffic officer for a long time but I must say that he spoiled my day.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we can always choose the kind of a country we want to live in – and that’s anarchy and lawless if you ask me. God forbid but it will hurt more when the person close to you is involved in a road traffic accident as a result of this behaviour.

Accuse police officers all you want but you will need them, we are all still Police officers doing light duties and most importantly getting paid.

I am at a rank where going on the road is optional, that’s a job for an inspector and below.

If I am disrespected like that, are they ever going to respect a constable?


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