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Fake UKA hastily registered


THE State has allegedly moved to register a political party called Unified Knowledge of Africa (UKA), the acronym of the United Kwacha Alliance in a bid to frustrate and block the registration of the newly formed UKA, an alliance of opposition political parties led by State Counsel Sakwiba Sikota.

Jackson Silavwe, the UKA chairperson of UKA has revealed that a fake UKA in the name of Unified Knowledge in Africa has been registered to block the real mass movement organization.

The UKA council of President has now called for mass action across the country to protect the country’s democracy that has come under threat following plots by the ruling party to annihilate the Patriotic Front (PF) through expelled Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa whom they have illegally installed as president of the former ruling party CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


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