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James Ndambo Hands Over Church In Mbabala

Hachiinda New Apostolic Church has opened to the community in Choma’s Mbabala Constituency.

This is one of the two churches that My Home Town Founder and Africa Union Holding Group of Companies Chairperson, James Ndambo has built for the community in the area.

He commissioned the church, which is fitted with solar powered boreholes among other facilities to provide locals with clean water.

Mr. Ndambo, whose mother hailed from Mbabala area of Choma, said he wants to make sure rural livelihood is improved so that locals do not envy migrating to urban areas.

The local church at Hachiinda have also disclosed plans to start a fish pond with the water that has been made available to the community.

Meanwhile, Esther Moono Siasikoma says this is the first time she has witnessed such level of generosity and has thanked My Home Town for remembering his birthplace.

Mr Ndambo a Choma born, South Africa based Multinational Business Tycoon arrived in Choma yesterday ahead of a Beauty Pageant on 2nd July 2022 sponsored by My Home Town.

Zambia is about to host one of the biggest beauty pageants in the country scheduled for  July 2, 2022.

The event is organized and funded by the multimillionaire business mogul James Ndambo, the man who once paid Fally Ipupa to perform at his residence in Choma.

The  beauty pageant’s 20 finalists have been on salary for four months, each receiving K20 000 plus all necessities provided.

They traveled across the world where they were mentored by International coaches including in Dubai where they were sent shopping.

All lodges and hotels have been fully booked in Choma District by Mr. Ndambo where the big event is slated to take place.

In addition to that, the organization was looking for 50 more rooms for the invited International guests each per night unit of US$500.

3000 people are set to attend the event which will be broadcast  on 13   local and international TV channels with performances from South African, Nigerian, Kenyan, Zimbabwean, Zambian and many more artists.

Eric Chanda petitions parliament over Socialism


NEW Zambia advocate Eric Chanda has petitioned the National Assembly to consider moving a motion in parliament that Zambia should move away from western capitalist ideologies by aligning to Chinese socialist ideals and declare Zambia a socialist state.

Mr Chanda in the petition said it was without a doubt that for 30 years western capitalism had resulted in a poorer Zambia that had lagged in economic development.

He said it was evident that western capitalism had plunged Zambia into a huge debt crisis without no tangible source of income.

Mr Chanda said western capitalisation had created polarisation in which a small part of the population had amassed great wealth while the majority were working for the basics.

“The western capitalists only succeeded in making Zambia become poorer with huge debts as imperialists had taken away the mineral resources and maximised profits which they kept to themselves,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Chanda said the move would also make it possible for things like Social Cash Transfer and free education to thrive in the country.

“It is public domain that economically the Chinese socialist ideals have performed well to an extent that even western capitalists have gone to borrow money from China,” he said.

Investigate cases thoroughly before effecting arrests

– President Hichilema

He reiterated government’s commitment to ensuring that there is an improved governance record in the country.

President Hichilema urged the different agencies to work together and bring reforms that will enhance the governance of Zambia. “These appointments therefore come at the right time when we have embarked on a new trajectory of our country in all sectors,” President Hichilema stated. 

Addressing the newly sworn-in Police Public Complaints Commission Chairperson Zunga Siakalima, the Head of State wants his government to open the economy 24/7 where factories are able to operate at any time without citizens fearing for their safety during night time.

President Hichilema further expects the Human Rights Commission to be proactive and ensure that the rights of people are safeguarded. He also told the Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate cases and ensure that when a matter is taken to court, it will be convicted so that citizens are convinced with the Commission’s mandate. For the Judicial Complaints Commission, President Hichilema stressed the need for the country to be run on the constitution rather than placing others above the law. He says it is unfortunate that sometimes Zambians have had their rights infringed on due to the slow processes by the judicial system.

And he also urged the Diplomats to create opportunities for citizens within the country and also look after the welfare of citizens in the diaspora.

Meanwhile, newly conferred State Counsel Mulambo Haimbe assured that he will provide guidance to the legal profession and help in developing the law and the sector to benefit the general public.– ZANIS

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