GOVERNMENT should bear in mind that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) bailout may not be actualiSed, former deputy Finance Minister Danny Pule has cautioned.

Dr Pule said if the IMF was serious in giving Zambia the package by now things should have materialised.

He said the new dawn administration should therefore not expect anything from the IMF because of its manoeuvres.

Dr Pule has advised the UPND government to source for resources to actualise the 2022 national budget instead of depending on the IMF bailout package.

He said the UPND government should not expect that the IMF will give them funds for this current budget but should rather tell the people that they were not conservative enough in their pronouncements.

Dr Pule said if the IMF was willing to be helpful to Zambia, by now it should have engaged the creditors.

He said the government should have been cautious before promising Zambians that they will manage to get the package to finance the national budget.

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