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RTSA fares final – Tayali


THE new bus fares announced by the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) will stand and there is no going back, Minister of Transport and Logistics Frank Tayali has said.

Mr Tayali said in an interview that the matter of bus fares was settled and it was not for anyone to agree or disagree because all stakeholders were consulted before RTSA effected the new fares.

 The Bus and Taxi owners Association rejected the new bus fares by RTSA claiming that they were not discussed and tabled before the consultative meeting and the approach they took was against the principles of a liberalised economy and the reduction was excessive.

Mr Tayali said by appending his signature on the new fares that meant that all the stakeholders were consulted and the matter was settled.

“For me to sign, was because I was furnished with information that a stakeholders meeting took place and that was what was agreed and I sanctioned their agreement,” he said.

He said his plea to them was that they follow what was agreed upon and anything outside that would be against the law.

Mr Tayali said the operators should not test the law, the UPND government was all about respect for the rule of law and people could not just come up and decide things that only suited them.


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