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UPND cadres sue state for K8M


TEN UPND cadres accused of burning Lusaka’s  City Market have taken the State to Court demanding compensation of over K8 Million for false imprisonment and malicious prosecution.

They want the High Court to order the State to pay them K7,500,000 for malicious prosecution,K280,000 for loss of business and legal fees in the sum of K550,000 bringing the total to K8,330,000.00. The plaintiffs seek damages for mental anguish, turmoil and distress suffered as a result of unlawful detention and malicious prosecution. They also want damages for torture and inhumane treatment among other reliefs.

The ten are Michael Tembo, Njwau Sitali, Mainza Choongo, Mulenga Chileshe and Wonder Nakazuka.

Others are David Samba, Sitali Mukuni, Biggie Mubambe , Zhyinga Kahiata and James Hambulo. They have cited the Attorney General as respondent in the case.

According to a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court, Mr Tembo and others who also claim to be businessmen states that they were at different times between June and July, 2017  arrested and detained without charge on malicious allegation of burning the City Market. They claim that during their detention at various police stations, they were subjected to unhealthy conditions, slept on the cold floor without blankets.

“The plaintiffs were detained for different days but up to 112  days without charge and or being accorded an opportunity to appear before any court of law and were released unconditionally on or around August 16,2017,” they state.

Mr Tembo and others claim to have sustained injuries during their detention as they were tortured by  Zambia Police Service officers .

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