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Katete villagers beat up cops, burn police vehicle


NINE police officers have been seriously injured after a mob attacked them in Kamwaza village in Katete.

A police vehicle has been burnt in the attack, Police have confirmed.

Police deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale said all the nine officers are admitted to St. Francis Mission Hospital in Katete.

Mr Mwale explained that the incident occurred on November 19, 2022 around 16:00 hours in Kamwaza village about 35 kilometers south of the district.

Mr Mwale said investigations revealed that the Headman was protecting two suspects who were alleged to have been involved in the suspected murder of a man only identified as Kusenseyo in Chieftainess Kawaza’s area on October 6, 2022.

He said members of the public apprehended the suspects who were handed over to Police.  He said the suspects were later released on November 14, 2022 due to lack of evidence and this incensed some villagers who resorted to damaging the Headman’s and the suspects’ houses.

He said some villagers also accused the Headman identified as Chinzu of practicing witchcraft.

And Mr Mwale said police officers who were armed restrained themselves from using firearms on the villagers.

However, Mr Mwale disclosed that with the help of some community members who rushed to the scene police managed to withdraw and were rushed to the hospital in Katete.

Police have since instituted investigations and more police officers have been dispatched to restore law and order in the area.

 “As Police officers were leaving the village around 16:00 hours, an uncompromising mob blocked the road with logs and started pelting the officers with stones and sticks causing serious injuries to them and a police vehicle was burnt in the process,” said Mr Mwale. 


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