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Governance activist threatens to report Kawana to ACC


GOOD Governance and Youth activist Charles Kakula has threatened to report Ministry of Information Director Thabo Kawana to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) after he bought a brand new car for his wife.

Mr Kakula said the country was aware that Mr Kawana was a driver before he was appointed into government and he had worked in the civil service less than two years and his salary scale could not enable him to acquire such a vehicle.

“How can he buy that expensive vehicle costing $52, 283 when his salary scale is G which simply means he gets paid K15, 000 as a Director,” Mr Kakula said.

He called upon the ACC, DEC and Zambia Police Service to investigate Mr Kawana without delay.

Meanwhile,   suspended United Party for National Development (UPND) Lusaka Province Information and Publicity Secretary Matomola Likwanya has criticised Mr Kawana for buying a luxurious vehicle for his wife when many youths were suffering.

Mr Likwanya said that it was unfortunate that Mr Kawana could buy a car worth US$60, 000 translating to K1, 074, 600 when many youths who suffered to usher in this government had not yet started benefitting.

“If you have such amounts of money to buy such an expensive vehicle then how much do you have in your account because you can’t just buy a vehicle and completely remain with nothing in your account,” he said.


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