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UPND is panicking to cover up its tattered face – Moola

THE UPND leadership has resorted to accusing the Patriotic Front (PF) of all sorts of things and blaming it for its own incompetence because it is in a state of panic after realising that Zambians have come to know that it is a grouping of capitalists with no heart for Zambians,  the PF has said.

PF Copperbelt Media Director Munalula Moola said the UPND leadership was panicking and accusing the PF of all sorts of things to cover up its own incompetence and the campaign lies of the 2021 election so that it could save its already tattered image.

Mr Moola was reacting to the statement by the UPND Lusaka Province Youth Chairperson Anderson Banda that the PF was planning to sponsor country-wide protests against the leadership of the ruling party.

Mr Banda said there was a plan by the PF to sponsor youths countrywide to protest against the leadership of the UPND and incite a nationwide uprising in what they term a fight against economic hardship.

But, Mr Moola said the PF was a peaceful party which has no intention of inciting youths to rise against the elected government of President Hakainde Hichilema, but warned that Zambians were agitated by the hunger and worsening poverty levels in communities.

“PF is not interested in inciting youths to rise against the UPND government because the UPND is a failed government,” Mr Moola said.


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