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... doing so will be a betrayal to the freedoms and Rights fought for by the forefathers

I cannot read an apology that I did not write because doing so is not only a betrayal to my
conscience but also a betrayal to the freedoms and rights fought for by the forefathers, Raphael
Nakacinda told the Speaker yesterday.
Mr Nakacinda who is Patriotic Front (PF) Information and Publicity chairperson refused to
apologise to Parliament after he was found guilty of lowering the dignity of the house.
Mr Nakacinda appeared before Parliament but said he was tricked into coming to Parliament
on the understanding that he was going to appear before parliamentary committee and not the
main house.
“Reading an apology that I did not write will be a betrayal to my conscious and a betrayal to the
freedoms and rights fought for by the forefathers,” said.
And Speaker of the National Assembly Nelly Mutti said since Mr Nakacinda had refused to read
the apologize, the National Assembly was going to take appropriate action against him. She
then ordered him to leave the house.
After Mr Nakacinda was found guilty of contempt, he was ordered to read the apology written by
the National Assembly, but he refused forcing the Speaker to angrily order him from the House.
Mr Nakacinda’s summoning to Parliament follows Lukulu East Member of Parliament
Christopher Kalila’s point of order on whether the former Water Development minister was in
order to cast aspersion on the office of the Speaker and calling into question her partiality and
character. This matter is based on a story published by the Daily Nation.


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