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The APOCALYPSE OF 2022 : Bittersweet poetry Grand Slam

If you discuss 2019, the year the world went into a lockdown, it’s hard not to mention the last time the poetry powerhouse BitterSweet Poetry Zambia crowned their last Slam champion, Sikkar from the copperbelt.

Two years after, the world finally opened up and people wondered if the sleeping giant will awake and so it did. Kapembwa Wanjelani, founder of the BitterSweet Poetry brand and his team sent out a call for submissions.

In less than a week, A new generation of eight wishful poets were chosen. Shakes, Alpha, Koko, Accentric, Happyson, RealTok, Daniel-Lion and perhaps the only lady on the battlefield, Myrtle. The prize, was K5000,00 hard cash, the BitterSweet Poetry trophy and a new smart phone. All sponsored by the social media giant, LetsChat. 

The first round began with Accentric, Happyson, and Shakes easily winning their rounds. In a twist of events Alpha and Koko had been explosive, the judges and the audience agreed to take both slam poets to the second round. The roster  of judges this year had industry veterans the likes of Ludo, Destro, Joey Mukando, Mwelwa on Cos and Christian the Cupid.

In the next round, Koko defeated Shakes with tact while Alpha, Happyson and Accentric were placed in a triple threat match. Alpha triumphed but the Judges had a little surprise under their sleeves.

Tension rising, the BitterSweet Poetry slam dubbed “The Apocalypse” had finally reached it’s end. In an unexpected deliberation, the judges announced that in the final round they would bring Accentric back from the dead to make the finals a triple threat. Accentric, Alpha and Koko battled with a resolve we had never witnessed. They all dreamed about this and they thirsted for the Prize.

Alpha, also known as Sydney Mulenga, stormed the stage with unparalleled resolve and the audience had finally picked him as the BitterSweet Grand Slam champion of 2022. The one to bring the apocalypse to stages.

We remember the previous winners – Jessy, Genesis, Malachi, Petronella, Musenga Katongo, Sikkar and now Alpha. The young man makes his way to the Hall of Fame of some of Zambias best poets. This is only the start; Welcome back BitterSweet Poetry Zambia and we thank LetsChat for believing in the countrys best talents sponsoring this year’s poetry slam. Ready for next Year?


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