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UPND youth chair in near punch-up with drunk cadres

UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) national youth chairperson for administration Trevor
Mwiinde has clashed with party cadres whom he tried to stop from misbehaving in Chisamba area.
As Mr Mwiinde was trying to grab the beer from the unruly cadres, one of them lugged at him ripping of
his shirt in the process.
As a result he was attacked by drunk cadres who he confronted for their unruly behavior.
Mr Mwiinde was trying to grab beer from the cadres vehicle in Chisamba when one of them got
incensed and tried to attack him ripping his shirt in the process.
The distraught youth chair with the help of others managed to overpower the cadres and took them to
Chisamba Police were they handed the culprits to the police.
And Mr Mwiinde said that such individuals were the ones that were tarnishing the image of the party
which did not condone caderism.
Mr Mwiinde said such individuals were endangering the lives of many Zambians with such kind of
He said that he decided to take them to the police so that they could help resolve the matter before
people’s lives were lost.
The cadres’ vehicle was littered with beer bottle.


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