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ERRATIC fuel supply has hit Lusaka, Kafue and other selected parts of the country leaving a number of motorists stranded as they are failing to access the commodity.

A snap check at a number of filing stations over the weekend including yesterday revealed that long queues were forming as motorists were panicking trying to get the commodity.

Meanwhile former Economics Association of Zambia (EAZ) president Dr Lubinda Haabazoka said the reason the country was experiencing such a fuel crisis was because the government had engaged transporters to ferry oil in the country.

Dr Haabazoka said the country would continue experiencing such problems because the transporters were in charge of bringing fuel in the country.

He said the best was for the country to bring comingled oil in the country then refine it locally and not a situation that was happening at the moment.

“It is going to be cheaper if the country just brings comingled stock through TAZAMA then deal with it in the country not a situation where you depend on transporters,” Dr Haabazoka said.

Dr Haabazoka said that TAZAMA played a key role in the availability of fuel in the country because government was able to regulate and monitor the amount of fuel being brought I the country.

He said that he was hoping that government would deal with the matter as soon as possible because a lack of fuel in the country would have a negative impact on the economy.


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