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GARRY Nkombo is a Politian cut from a different political cloth for he has realized that the continuous blame game of the Patriotic Front is not helping the governing UPND but only the delivery of the promises is the solution to the challenges Zambians are facing, Brian Mundubile has said.

Mr Mundubile, the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament says Mr Nkombo, the Local Government and Rural Development Minister has been astute by reminding his colleagues in the  UPND to stop blaming PF but should instead concentrate on delivering.

Mr. Mundubile, who is also Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, saluted Mr. Nkombo for issuing a truthful statement, adding that the Minister was cut from a different cloth.

“I wish to agree with Mr Nkombo’s statement that blaming the PF for its past mistakes will not make the UPND more popular. Zambians are fatigued with the continuous blame game of the PF and what they want to see is delivering the promises. So Mr Nkombo’s advice to his colleagues is times and I agree with him in totality, despite the comment coming later than anticipated,” Mr Mundubile said. 

Mr. Mundubile said the UPND had raised false hopes among Zambians that they were ready to deliver development immediately they won but had demonstrated that they were far from the leadership Zambians needed.

Mr. Mundubile stated that Zambians were now fatigued after learning that the UPND had focused on a disturbing path of blaming the PF instead of delivering on their promises. 


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