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IT is dangerous to have a clueless political party like the UPND in power for a long time because it will destroy the country before leaving office, Zambia Must Proper (ZMP) president Kelvin Fube Bwalya has said.

Mr Bwalya popularly known as KBF, said the UPND leadership was incompetent because it thrived on misinformation to portray to Zambians that they were a working Government when in fact not.

He said in a space of slightly over a year, the new dawn administration had collapsed the health, agriculture and energy sectors and the Ministers in charge seemed clueless on how to resolve challenges the country was facing

Mr Bwalya said because of the dishonest nature of the UPND, technocrats were now taking the blame for misleading President Hakainde Hichilema  to cover up for his administration’s incompetence.

“The technocrats now have to sing his song so that they seem good because he does not like to be told the truth, once you tell him the truth he cancels it and tells you what you should say,” Mr Bwalya said.

He said President Hichilema was failing to make hard decisions for the benefit of Zambians

Mr Bwalya said the UPND’s thrust was to make profits in the name of wanting to solve the county’s debt crisis.

“You don’t clear a debt burden by creating chaos in your own country, it does not work, that is irresponsibility of the worst kind and I will not apologise for that,”Mr Bwalya said.

He also said the health sector would not develop in the next four years due to inadequate funding.

Mr Bwalya said funding to the health sector was only four percent of the national budget and agriculture, which supported the health sector was in shambles.

Mr Bwalya said the UPND administration had a tendency not to think through most policies it was   implementing while most policy pronouncements were devoid of critical thinking. He added that according to information that he had received, President Hichilema was only listening to advice from Brenthurst Foundation instead of his technocrats at State House

Mr Bwalya said there was a lack of coordination in Government due to incompetence by some ministers.

He cited as an example, Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Gary Nkombo’s announcement on removal of street traders, which President Hichilema reversed soon after.


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