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FERTILIZER tenders should be awarded to companies with a proven record of good
performance if government is to deliver the inputs on time, veteran politician Vernon Mwaanga
has advised.
Dr Mwaanga says farmers across the country have had a very proud record of performance in
the past which resulted in food security for our country.

He has advised the government to ensure that the experience the farmers have gone through in
2022 with regard to fertilizer distribution should not be repeated in 2023 and beyond.
Dr Mwaanga said “As we say farewell to 2O22, it is important to reflect on our hopes and
expectations for 2O23. Therefore, there is more that needs to be done especially with the
experience the farmers went through with regard to fertilizer distribution. This unwelcome
situation should not be repeated next year and beyond.”
Dr Mwaanga also advised political leaders to grow up and learn to put Zambia first because
there would always be honest differences among politicians but these should be addressed in a
sober and respectful manner.
“Politicians should discipline their tongues and appreciate the need to communicate in a
responsible manner,” said Dr Mwaanga.
He said the country belonged to all Zambians and therefore, every citizen should work to find
solutions to its problems.
He said there was need to give hope to the people of Zambia collectively to take the country
forward therefore responsible leadership is required and necessary.
Dr Mwaanga however congratulate President Hakainde Hichilema and his government for all
the stupendous efforts they have made to revive the economy, restructure debt, abolish the
death penalty among many other measures.
He said there could be no denying the fact that the problems the UPND inherited in August,
2021 were far worse than what they expected. He however stated that many progressive
measures have been taken in a number of key areas.
Dr Mwaanga warned that the government was a very complex system more than many people
could ever imagine.


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