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Woman goes in for 12 months for hammering husband

A LUSAKA housewife has been sentenced to 12 months simple imprisonment for beating her husband after he refused to give her money for school fees, books and other necessities for the children.

It is alleged that on December 5, 2022, Elizabeth Sialanga assaulted her husband White Siakwelele using a hammer thereby causing bodily harm.

It is also alleged that on the same date, Sialanga had approached Siakwelele and made a request for the school fees, and money to buy books and uniforms but it made him get upset and they started arguing.

“It was the request I made for the school fees which made him get upset and  it was my first time doing such and I will never do it again,’’ she pleaded.

She submitted Siakwalele got upset and engaged into an argument which landed the couple into a fight and Sialanga got a hammer and hit her husband on the eye.

Sialanga pleaded guilty to one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm contrary to section 248 of the penal Code Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

She also pleaded with the court to have leniency on her that she will never hit her husband again and that she has learnt her lesson.

“I have heard the reading of the facts and where it was mentioned that I was given money. It’s not true, we were not in the sitting room but bedroom and discussing the school issue, the  amount of school fees needed was K560,” she said.

Sialanga also explained that she got upset after her husband refused to give her money but he gave his girlfriend which did not sit well with her.

The court found her guilty and convicted her accordingly.  In mitigation she pleaded with the court to have leniency on her that she did it out of anger.

“I have six children who are still young, the other one is a sickler, I have no family members in Lusaka, and all are in Maamba. I’m appealing to the court to exercise maximum leniency on me so that I can take care of my children. I have stayed with my husband for 20 years, hitting him was not my intention it is because of the woman he wants to marry,” she pleaded.

But the court said having considered that she was a first offender, remorseful and asked for leniency but evidence in the facts and the circumstances the offense occurred, is much to be desired.

“Being a home setup, the circumstances committed could have led to loss of life. I need to punish, assist you to reform. The offence you committed attracts a maximum five years imprisonment, I will exercise leniency and I will sentence you to 12 months simple imprisonment,” magistrate Ireen Phiri ruled.


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