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Agriculture minister predicts low crop yields

…due to flash floods that have destroyed crop fields in some parts of the country


Minister of Agriculture, Reuben Phiri has predicted low crop yields this year due to the flash floods that have hit some parts of the country.

Mr Phiri told Millennium TV in an interview that due to flash floods, most crop fields had been destroyed, which would negatively affect the 2022-2023 harvest.

“Right now, we are receiving indications from the Meteorological Department that in the coming seven days or so, we are going to have heavy rains in the country apart from Western Province. So in most of the areas, we are going to have quite some rains pouring apart from Western Province.

“We already have high moisture content in our soils and so, whatever rain are going to come, the chances of it causing some flash floods are very high. This means that some of the fields that could have been saved from the previous floods that we had, could still be affected,” Mr Phiri said.

He said Government would at an appropriate time deploy experts to establish the extent of the damage to crop fields caused by the flash floods.  

“We will still go out there and check, we will continuously check on how much damage has been done,” Mr Phiri said.


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