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HH orders demolition of buildings blocking waterways

PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema has ordered the demolition of all structures blocking the waterways and causing floods in most parts of Lusaka.
The head of State has directed that structures constructed on waterways and causing flooding should be demolished as soon as possible to cure the perennial flooding in Lusaka City, thereby causing the displacement of families.
The President says government is in a hurry to correct unplanned construction of structures as it had negatively impacted on the people in the affected areas and posing a health hazard to families.
Speaking when he toured the flooded areas in Lusaka’s Kabwata Wards, the President emphasised that the decision to demolish structures blocking waterways was based on the best interest of the people and that there were no politics involved.  The head of State has further directed the local authorities to engage with the owners of the structures to find the best solution to the challenge of flooding in Lusaka communities. President Hichilema warned that he would have no option but to invoke his presidential powers and declare the demolition of the structures if his directives were not going to be heeded to and comply.
Flooding has been recorded in some parts of Lusaka where waterways have been blocked by structures.
President Hichilema toured flooded areas in Lusaka to check on the status of the situation in Kabwata, Kanyama and Matero constituencies.
President Hichilema took time to interact with the residents in communities most of whom were ecstatic and euphoric upon seeing the head of State in their communities, having seen him before the 2021 general elections.



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