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I fear for my life, says Bowman Lusambo


MY life is in God’s hands because it is evident that there are some people who are trying to kill me, former Lusaka Province Minister, Bowman Lusambo has said.

Mr Lusambo in an interview said there  were two people who trailed him in Kabwe after featuring on a radio programme at KNC Radio.     

He said God was his only protection at the moment because some people wanted to eliminate him.

Mr Lusambo said the criminals were obviously infuriated by the fact that he stated facts on the programme and that this might not have sat well with some individuals who in the process decided to cause harm to him

He narrated that upon noticing the suspected criminals trailing him, he decided to park his vehicle at his friend’s lodge in Kabwe for about 40 minutes.

Mr Lusambo said after some time, he left the lodge and was shocked that the two people continued following him.

He said it was at this point that he decided to stop and that he was shocked that the two strangers also parked their vehicle about 100 meters from where he was.

“I was forced to approach and confront the individuals and in the process managed to get pictures of them and even the number plate of the vehicle they were driving,” he said.

Mr Lusambo said he later drove to Kabwe Central Police were he filed a complaint and said he was happy with their professionalism.

“The criminals were after our lives for well over two hours following us behind and they only retreated when I went to lodge a complaint at Kabwe Central Police to the regional Police Commissioner over their continued pursuit. Our team managed to capture images of the criminals who were driving avehicle registration number AHB 8123,” he said.

He said he did not understand their intentions but that no amount of intimidation, threats or harassment would deter him from speaking for Zambians.

Mr Lusambo said he would continue to speak for Zambians and that they could not hinder or deter him form executing the wishes of the citizenry.

He challenged his detractors to stop threatening his life because he had not committed any crime or offence.


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