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PF ‘confusion’ sponsored

…Raphael Nakacinda says the perceived disunity being created in the hope of crushing the former ruling party, our enemies not happy that the PF is stronger, resolved than ever before


A POWERFUL and vicious social media campaign has been launched to cause confusion, disunity and fragmentation before, during and after the Patriotic Front (PF) convention so that the party could be crumbled, Raphael Nakacinda has charged.

Mr Nakacinda, the PF information and publicity chairman says the machinations would not work because the central committee and the general membership of the party had become more united and resolved than ever before.

Mr Nakacinda, says no weapon or enemy formed against the PF, including the sponsored infiltrators would succeed to create disunity in the former ruling party because it had already seen through the schemes.

Mr Nakacinda said in an interview that while the debate about the PF presidential candidate was generating excitement among those who wished to see the former ruling party crumble, the members of the central committee and the general membership had become more united to the anger of its enemies.

He said the PF as a united and strong opposition political organisation was not going to allow opportunistic agents of the UPND to destabilise the party and that it would always unite against its common enemies wherever they manifested.

Mr Nakacinda said it was the desire of the UPND to cause confusion in the PF before its elective general conference, during and after with the hope that the former ruling party would be obliterated.

He explained that the drama surrounding Mr Miles Sampa, who has been suspended from the central committee was being scripted by those who were disgruntled by the unity of purpose the PF had exhibited 18 months after losing power to the UPND.

“The drama being created around the misconduct of Miles Sampa is only exciting those who wish that the PF be divided and possibly create more confusion so that the party could disintegrate.

The members of the central committee are resolved that we shall not give opportunistic elements who intend to destroy the PF. We shall not allow them to achieve their agenda.

Let me assure Zambians in general and the PF membership that we are more united than ever before now that there is clear appetite by the UPND to cause confusion. We are more resolved and united to deal with any elements that suggest we should be divided,” Mr Nakacinda said.

He said Mr Sampa, the Matero Member of Parliament was just an individual who should not be seen to be an enemy of the PF after he was disciplined for his misconduct.

Mr Nakacinda stated that had Mr Sampa not apologised to the central committee for his misconduct, the punishment would have been much stiffer than the six weeks banishment.

So Mr Sampa is just but one who should not be made to be seen as an enemy of the PF. He was disciplined, he took the matter to court and the courts shall resolve it,” Mr Nakacinda said.


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