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Police harass PF MP – stopped a meeting by Kasenengwa lawmaker, Phillimon Twasa on grounds that he did not get a police permit


POLICE in Kasenengwa in Eastern Province on Thursday afternoon stormed and stopped a meeting by area Member of Parliament Phillimon Twasa on grounds that he did not get a police permit.

The police who came in full riot gear stopped the meeting much to the dismay of the people that were being addressed by Mr Twasa who was whisked away by the police.

The action by the police has angered traditional leaders and residents of the Constituency who felt that President Hakainde Hichilema had let Zambians down.

One of the attendees complained that President Hichilema has become worse than the previous regime.

“We know this is political. Why didn’t they come for the UPND who held a meeting here without a permit last week? We know they never had a permit, and this is our MP who they have picked. What is the problem with President Hichilema? How long will he be bitter with the people of Eastern Province? We want him to tell us when did the police stop him from holding meetings in Southern Province, even his MPs which one was stopped by police from holding meetings in their Constituencies in Southern Province even elsewhere?” he complained.


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