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PROTUZ opposes calls for introduction of Grade four exams calling for more research

THE advocacy to have grade four exams is one that needs more research because a grade four pupil is a minor who may not understand why he is being subjected to an examination, Professional Teachers Union of Zambia (PROTUZ) General Secretary Kangwa Musenge has said.

Mr Musenge was commenting on the suggestion by National Action for Quality Education of Zambia (NAQUEZ) where he said the government needed to introduce screening examinations for grade four pupils where they would be screened in reading and writing.

Mr Musenge said there was need to leave room for research to come up with a competent resolution to the suggestion that was brought out by NAQEZ.

He said it was not necessary to subject minors to an exam as it was not good and healthy for their mental health because a minor was not allowed to study for more than 30 minutes.

Mr Musenge said the issue of introducing examinations for grade four pupils should be treated with care and there was need to be careful to ensure that hopes are not raised as to suggest that this could be the best way to determine the future competence of the children.

He wondered how grade four pupils would be able to manage to write examinations without difficulty when grade seven examinations had proven to be difficult for certain pupils.

“If at grade seven the children are having difficulties what about grade four, what type of competent examinations can we have for grade four pupils because we have so many children who can’t read and write in grade four?” said Mr Musenge.

Mr Musenge said it was important for the department of research at the Ministry of Education together with the Examinations Council of Zambia to do more research to establish a wider response on the issue.

He said research was needed because this was a very serious issue that needed wide research.

Mr Musenge said PROTUZ would also do their own research to establish if indeed coming up with examinations for grade four pupils was a good idea.


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